About Me

An eager writer, joyful mother of four children ages 24, 21, 18 and 13, partner for life and in ministry to Clay, my rock. I am a dreamer who always gets bogged down with the details of life. I've moved seventeen times since being married; six internationally and like to think that somehow it expanded my soul! I greatly enjoy creating tasty meals, and bringing festivity into my home through seasonal decor and music, art and candles. I love to spend time with my best friends, of whom my children and husband are at the top. I am probably ADHD and now no longer wonder where my son got it. I sing and have recorded with Clay who is a song writer. I love to walk and hike, love being out in beauty, enjoy writing and speaking. Reading and teaching is a passionate drive and I love to think and learn as well as to engage in lots of thoughts, ideas and discussions. I appreciate loving friends, kindness, courage and thoughtfulness. My wonderful children have become my soul mates and dearest friends. I never feel a bit guilty for enjoying my caffeine - strong black tea and European coffee. I love Jesus and am amazed at His integrity; he is the center of my heart and the passion of my life.