Accept the Invitation

When I set the table for Father's Day breakfast, or any other event of celebration in my home, I see myself as sort of a spirit of creativity. I choose the china I will use, bake the breads favorite to the person being celebrated and lay the table to be colorful, beautiful, and a proper celebration of the person being honored. I have put so much time, thought, work and attention to these celebrations over the years because of the deep love I hold in my heart for my beloved husband and children and friends. It is a physical expression of my love and delight in them.

I would be so disappointed if, after I planned such a meal or celebration and had done all of the work and put on the finishing touches, if no one ever came to the meal or sat down. I create the beauty to show my love and also to show a part of my own soul in crafting a place of warm fellowship and feasting. The pleasure of preparing it is not as much as the celebrating it with the ones I wanted to show my love--they are necessary to complete the celebration.

Yesterday, the Lord prepared a party for me.  I almost didn't go, because I had planned busy-ness and duties for the hours of my day. But, something deep inside spoke to me of His invitation, and so I put everything else aside and drove to the party where He was graciously waiting for me. I am so glad I showed up, as He had prepared so very much for me to enjoy. I would have missed out on so much, had I ignored the invitation.  His decor was exquisite, His design, breath-taking. I sat on His table and looked out over what He had crafted for me to enjoy.

The gentle music of wind whispering amongst the aspen trees, ruffling their glorious gold across the mountain side and the leaves shivering in rhythm of the life all around, the birds singing with all their hearts, nature crying out, filled my ears with delight and my soul with rest, comfort, assurance and awe that comes from such beautiful music.

I played amongst the trees, and drank in the sun. Pleasure abounded in my day as I a picnic-ed with Him on the side of a cliff,  gloried in my my sugar crisp apples, roasted pecans and strong organic English Cheddar--the tastes beyond compare. What a feast, deep therapy to my thirsty soul. An unforgettable memory made with my Father who had prepared so much.

My heart was joyful and I was hesitant to leave the party, but as I left, I realized, I felt His love so much more deeply than when I had awakened to face the responsibilities earlier that morning. Being at His party had changed everything.

As, so few people attended the grand event,  and my sweet friend, Denise and I celebrated almost by ourselves at His banquet table, I wondered where are all the others He invited? I hoped He was not disappointed since He had gone to so much trouble to prepare the celebration for our pleasure.

And now, my precious friend, Denise, and I, have this treasure of a secret memory shared with Him, my ourselves. I am so glad I said yes.

Have you rsvp's to your invitation yet? You will not regret it!