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HELP US SPREAD THE GREAT CALL OF MOTHERHOOD! This weekend, I had the privilege of addressing a wonderful group of ministry interns, women who are single, deeply committed to the Lord and passionate about having an impact for His kingdom. They had been wonderfully trained to read the word and memorize it, to pray, to live by faith, to live by the grace and in the strength of the Holy Spirit, but I realized that these things do not quite give the full picture.

It was exciting to me and challenging to me to prepare a message especially for these precious single women to see the whole council of scripture--to understand God's biblical design. Looking at Genesis 1: 26-28 to see what God had in mind for us as human beings, before the fall, was our focus. 

After the Lord had made a perfectly beautiful creation that expressed His artistry, and craft and design in magnificent ways, he created a perfect social system that would further show His design and wisdom. God wanted us to have our social needs met--the need for deep love, for overarching purpose and fulfillment. And so he created love, marriage, family, children and heritage as the beautiful place in which human beings would find all that they needed to live abundantly and well in this gorgeous place God had created for them to enjoy and to rule over.

God was concerned that Adam would be alone, so he created a helper, suitable to companionship--both made in God's image--to look like Him, to reflect Him--God is intelligent, they were made with intelligence. God manifests love and righteousness and authority, and so they were made to do.

Then, of course, He blessed them and the first blessing out of his mouth was, "Be fruitful and multiply."Having children, as it says in Psalm 127, is a blessing from God, a good thing. And then bringing those children into the purpose of family--that is the family was given the charge to rule over the world and to subdue it--He gave great meaning and purpose to their union right at the beginning--we are to ask, "What will our family do to bring God's image and messages and righteousness to bear on the earth? How will He use the Clarksons to bring His kingdom work to reality through all that we do, say, believe and live out."

And so for an hour, we pursued scripture--what was on God's heart when he designed women to be life-givers (Eve's name--the mother of all the living), to be civilizers--Proverbs 8 and 9--to call people to God's wisdom through their influence and home; to be teachers; to be lovers, and so on.

It was so much fun to see the light come on in the lives of so many--to see that being a woman, being a mother, being a wife was a great part of calling to the greatest part of the way God made them.

When Clay and I prayed and said, "Lord, we want to serve you the rest of our lives. What kingdom work do you have for our family to do?" God clearly led us to undergird, affirm, and support the Biblical calling of family and of women to be mothers who would change the world through raising a godly generation.


Because I still get excited about  what I have  had the privilege of knowing and writing , and the message I want to put into all the hands of women all over the world, we want to bless a mom with a gift of our books.  In light of this, and because we want to celebrate mother's day in a very special way, we want to give away a gift of all of our mom's books to  one of our precious blog friends. The lucky mom will receive one of each of these mom books--to give away or to keep.


But we also hope you will help us get these books and messages into the hands of women all over the world, so that they can clearly understand this great calling and purpose for our lives. When we understand His great plan, we have the privilege of influencing history for all of eternity by building a godly generation in our home. 

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This winner of these books will be chosen Tuesday morning, May 4, and will be mailed out that day to the address you choose, so that moms will receive these books by mother's day. 



 Mission of Motherhood is the foundational book I give away to new moms. It is the book that gives the overview and vision for what God had in mind when he gave sweet children into our hands to be stewards of their lives, souls, minds, well being and how to raise godly leaders for His glory.

 Ministry of Motherhood follows in the sequence of these two inspirational books. This focuses on the discipleship relationship between a mother and her children. By studying Christ in his relationship to his disciples, we learn principles that lead us in influencing our children to love Him and His kingdom. 

 The Mom Walk shows moms how to weather the long distance walk as a mother, while holding the hand of God. God shows us His reality in the midst of difficulties, challenges, the celebration of life and gives strength and insight as we learn to walk this journey with Him and learn to listen to His voice through scripture and live by faith that he will answer our prayers and fulfill his ways in our lives. 

 Seasons of a Mother's Heart is especially written for homeschooling moms addressing the different seasons and issues that are specific to the demanding life and lifestyle of a homeschooling mom. Biblical insights and personal life stories address the many ups and downs that moms experience and show how each season can be met with grace, faith and bring peace as we trust not in formulas, but the God who designed the home to be a place of discipleship, grace, life and truth for our children. 

 Dancing with My Father is my newest book. God created us to see our lives from His perspective, with a view on eternity, so that we could experience His joy, His purposes, His grace and blessings. He greatly desires us to know His love and deep commitment to us on this obstacle course of life and to be able to stay refreshed in Him, not diminished by the trials of life, but resilient until we see Him face to face. This book addresses how to walk with Him, allowing Him to lead us, carry us and fulfill our hearts desire as we learn to trust him as children learn to love and trust their father. 

 READ FOR THE HEART is a 370 page book that shows in detail how to build a home that is a resource and life-giving center to fill your children's minds and hearts with the best stories, great heroes, great vocabulary, and soul establishing books. Over 1000 books are reviewed and recommended, as well as personal stories of how we established a reading/inspirational home.