Aloha from paradise!

Joy and Sallymama (as the kids call me) at a Luau

When I committed to come speak to the regional women's armed services conference over a year ago, I did not know about the circumstances that would surround my life--Clay's surgery and recovery, wrecks, death of my mom, moving 2 children, and and and--or I would not have accepted this assignment. I would have felt it irresponsible.

Yet, as so often from my past years, God had a better plan. He knew that I would need time to refresh just a little and restore and have fun. Afterall, all work and no play makes Sally fall apart.

So the past 30 hours before we had to speak, we have "done" as  much of Hawaii as possible. Our wonderful hosts have helped us in our adventure.

Pineapple smoothies with fresh pineapple and a tour of the Dole plantation

A Luau with dancers, a roasted pic, fire juggling, an beautiful crowns and bracelets of hibiscus and other exotic flowers.

The beach and rolling in the waves (probably our favorite).

Seeing the battleships in Pearl Harbor and hearing the amazing and devastating stories and heroic, inspiriting stories,

fun, fun, fun and talk, talk, talk with my best pal, Joy

And I didn't know that I needed a break but boy am I glad that the Lord knew.

I think now I can face my life with more grace.

Sabbath rest can take many forms. Thank you, Jesus, for this gift and for these precious ones I get to share you with the next two days.

I am a delighted little girl.

Aloaha--and God grant you rest and peace and fun today.