An Excellent Woman: It is in your power to become one!

Beloved Sarah, An excellent woman, in England

Epoch women--women whose lives tell tales of great faith, whose moral strength influenced nations, who writing or leadership brought such light to bear in their world that history was changed, are rare and unusual in this generation. And yet, I believe God is so desirous to build his children, his daughters into such women. What does it take to become the kind of woman who will leave a legacy of light, beauty, life and inspiration? This is the theme of what I have been pondering in my own life as I am reaching new seasons. One of my friends told me that women will not listen to a video that is longer than 2-4 minutes, because they are too busy. But I decided that I cannot say much worthwhile in 2-4 minutes, so if you want to pursue these thoughts with me, watch the video! If you do not have time, I understand. But my desire is that by taking some time to make some video blogs, maybe I can be of some encouragement to some of you sweet ones--right in your own home.

Today, Sarah, my daughter, wrote a blog about her very favorite books that have influenced her life and many of her followers also left book lists. You will have a treasure of books to read if you read her blog and comments and these books will fill you with great stories, inspiration and ideas for many years.

Enjoy and join Sarah  at: Thoroughly Alive  

I would also love to hear your thoughts about your desire to be one of the "set aside women" for God's purposes. I am still a little unsure if vlogs is something that is meaningful to you, my audience, or if you would prefer all writing! Each comment helps me! I do read them--just can't answer most of my mail lately, but always sending love and prayers for you all!