And they're off---London to Paris--picture this #2 and my silly and dangerous mama moment!

  We started off with such high hopes--my sweet baby, now 15 year old and I. She who has been dragged around the globe to conferences for families, moms, parents. She has worked and carried book boxes and run cash registers and organized registration for conferences and slept on a variety of beds and put up with all of her old siblings and their issues. Now was my time with her--all by herself--no one else to have to share me--a very rare occasion in our family. 

What a precious time it was for me. Joy is so hysterical and had me in stitches a lot of the time. She was  charming and grateful and such a trooper as we figured out the foreign money, transportation and walked a thousand miles. She was the keeper of tickets--subway, train, airplane, and all else. I so enjoyed her friendship, the sweet talks, the camaraderie and will cherish sweet memories forever. She is indeed my treasured friend and daughter. Thanks, Lord, for helping us make the memories!

  Joy exploring the treasures that were garnered from Egypt and sharing a few opinions with this fellow! (The British Museum) 

Street Mimes everywhere all over Europe--a bobbie giving her advice.

Our favorite day in London--a boat ride on the Thames, the tower of London, and the crown jewels, Phantom of the Opera, and tea to cap off the day.


tea time 


After seeing all the castles, grave stones and even song at Wesminster Abbey, shops, museums, ships, places where people of renown are remembered for the profound things they did in this world, we were privileged to see Susanna Wesley's grave, along with John Bunyon, writer of Pilgrim's Progress--in a little unpretentious garden in a park--these who were world changers, though no one stood in line or paid money to see them. 

Our kids laugh sometimes because we often have people say, "It seems like it is always easy for your family and for you as a mom." We live in the same fallen world as everyone else and fight the same battles--but God has been so gracious. Did I forget to mention I fell the first day I was there and sprained my ankle and had multiple contusions and deep tissue damage with my ankle twice its size? My foot barely fit into my shoe it was so swollen and I had a knot on my shin bone! Yes it was sore, But, this was my only trip with Joy and I was not about to let it change any plans! 

If I told you how I did it, you would laugh--it was a "mama moment"--I heard Joy yell at me from behind a subway gate because her ticket was not working--somehow I had gotten through on hers and was a few feet ahead, heading down a deep subway into never land. When I heard her voice, I didn't give it a second thought and began bounding up a down escalator--at about the 8 step--the last one, I tripped and fell full force into the sliding stair and cut my leg and bent back my shin and ankle as I fell--it was a real picture of grace in action--you should have seen the woman behind me just trying to get on the subway! We have giggled and giggled about it, but now I am home and wearing a wrap and am on anti-swelling pain meds. 

Kinda like raising children for the Lord--we do make it--but it isn't always a pretty picture! :) 

London at night--Thames River, Big Ben and Parliament--a lot to do in 2 1/2 days--now off to Paris. 

More tomorrow.