Announcing: The Desperate Book Study!


UPDATE: The study location has changed. We are doing the book study here and at Sarah Mae's blog.

Ruth Schwenk and me--friends in life and partners in ministry--ready to encourage you!

Ruth is a dear friend of mine who has such a heart for encouraging moms. She started with a desire to inspire, encourage and support moms. This summer she attended our Mom Heart Intensive, and then she and her husband, Pat, came to our home for several days to scheme with us about all sorts of family encouragement we want to do together. Read below to see what she is planning for our new book, Desperate.

You must know that I believe shaping children's souls and inspiring them to love and serve God is the best work for eternity a mama will ever accomplish! Yet, we have not been trained for the task, and  often our own character has not been shaped to have the depth of strength, wisdom and integrity to know how to live out this important role. The Biblical answer for this dilemma is mentoring--an older, more experienced and wise mom, coming alongside the young, weary mom--to support her, love her, take her children and give her a break. (Titus 2:2)

Yet, most women I know feel so alone and invisible and, ---Desperate. We cannot live in your town or place, but Sarah Mae and I want to lead a group study, have videos, give help and weekly encouragement online, and hope that you will consider being a part of our community of moms all over the world to discuss some of these issues of life, faith and motherhood with us.

We’re gearing up and getting excited for the upcoming book studies through Desperate that all of you can do around the web, on facebook,  through your blogs and in your own personal friend community! What a wonderful way to connect with one another and encourage each other. If you haven’t picked up your copy of Desperate, there is still time. There is also still time to start your own group and join us for the study!

Beginning January 29th, I and Sarah Mae will be hosting the Desperate book club. You can see the breakdown of the days here.

Want to lead a group but don’t how to start?


We want to help you any way we can because we really believe in this message and don’t want it to remain just a message, but become a movement!!!  If you need help in starting a small group, I have written a guide on how to start and facilitate a small group of moms. Just put your curser on the picture above and download this guide.

Tell your friends, spread the word, send them a book--Let's be a part of what God is doing to build a movement amongst moms where we can have a foundation of encouragement, connecting arm to arm in shaping the next generation of children together.


The book includes:

  • study questions at the end of each chapter
  • “Your Turn” Challenges
  • Links and QR codes to videos of Sally and Sarah for further insights

You still have time to gather a group and lead a study!! Grab your mama friends and mama mentors! Starting January 29! Hope you can join us!

Remember how very important your role is and share this with all of your sweet mom friends to encourage them.