Asheville--writing a book in an old, cold house!

I can't tell you in words how fun, precious, validating and emotionally affirming to have my own daughter be my own giggly best friend. I can't tell you how very much I enjoy her company. She put me to bed last night with a gentle head rub and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. As I work on a book long dreamed about, but too much to do by myself, I knew that I would need Sarah's help with some of the details of our own family traditions as I wrote the main sections and chapters. It is going to be a very long book--like educating the whole hearted child. But I needed help from one whom I consider the better writer. So we have found ourselves here, in Asheville, as we mentioned in our articles this week. But though our B&B is delightful and we have had absolutely wonderful breakfasts served to us in our room, we have found that this room in the shade, in the early morning hours is quite chilly and just a tiny bit too uncomfortable for writing. So, we turned our little gas fire-place to high and both donned scarves and a throw and wrapped in our cloaks, we both proceeded to write our hearts out. Just thought you would enjoy seeing the snuggling writers in all our glory--no make up-in frumpy, comfy clothes changing the world with our dreams, ideas, coffee, giggles, two computers and shawls! Pray for us to be inspired! Just one day left and we have to go face the real world of home, people, dogs, messes, hugs and kisses and meal times yet again! But in my heart, I will have one more precious memory of a crazy week of artists together playing at this creative work unified in harmony and sweet friendship and deep affection.

PS Lest you think we have suffered too much, we have had one great meal a day (pan fried trout with blackberry sauce last night! Dark Chocolate mousse, for dessert) split of course so we can afford it!  and at least one hour of walking a day amongst old turn of the century houses, fields beginning to bloom with lilting daffodils and shops that beg us to come in. Also, necessary is a pot of tea sometime in the afternoon at some place of our choosing! Makes for more meaningful writing and productivity. I am indeed blessed.