Being Bold in the Balance: A Cow or a Bull?


The cow that did me in.

Our family moved many, many times over the years. What a grand adventure it has been. Through all of our transitions, there was a season that brought us to Walnut Springs, a town of 712 people. Listen to the podcast below about our "country, retreat" experience, and what happens when a confident mother says, "all cows are friendly."

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As a mother, I was expecting a friendly cow, rather than a raging bull. Somewhere in between our great dreams and life's true circumstance is where God wants us to be. We must balance the bold ideals with the factual realities.

We dream of being such great mothers when we are pregnant--and we hope for a friendly cow--but sometimes we get the bull! May God give you grace to accept the bullish parts of your life and have wisdom on how to face them! :)


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