Believe in Your Children's Dreams--They Might Just Come True!

photo Nate speaking in Ca

Nathan, my Nathan, telling about his dream film at the California mom's conference!

This is a post about one mama(me)  supporting her son's dreams to bring Christ's light to a dark world--in the darkest of dark places--Hollywood!

Isn't that what Mamas do? Support their children's dreams and faith?

Will you please consider helping me bring this dream to life? Read on! Pass it on!

Nathan always wanted to be Superman.

"Some day, when I grow up, I will be superman to my world and help save people."

His whole life, Nathan has had a heart for the lost, to reach those seeking to find their way; for being a warrior to fight against evil. He acted out his stories of bravery from boyhood.

I wondered ... how would Nathan become a superman to his generation--saving and helping rescue them from evil?

So often, we take our children's dreams for granted and forget to believe in just how God might use them in this world to bring light into the darkness. But God put it on my heart to believe and to encourage and to support his impossible dreams, with fear, trembling, and lots of time on my knees.

Now, at 23, holding fast his faith in a very difficult world, he is seeing God open some amazing doors.

And,  just now I am amazed at what God is doing in the life of my wonderful son, Nathan.

Who ever dreams of having her son move to Hollywood to become an actor? Well, God didn't tell me where He would take and use my children, just that I was to disciple them and raise them for His glory.  After graduating from the New York Film Academy, and living in Harlem (more on that story tomorrow!) Nathan moved to Hollywood with the dream of breaking into the film industry to bring light into darkness. All of this, Clay and I allowed because Nate had been faithful and strong again and again as he walked into bigger arenas of faith.

I have literally spent hours and hours on my knees praying for him--for him to keep his faith and follow God, to find a church, good and godly friends, and for him to make enough money to live there and make ends meet.


One of his photo shoots for his resume. He eventually was in enough movies, commercials and projects to get his SAG card and membership into AFTRA, the acting unions (including the recent MacDonald's Superbowl commercial!)

Of course it was so hard for him to live there--and there were so many roles that he had to turn down because they were immoral or compromising. And so as Nathan sought to retain his faith in the midst of very little money, so I worried and prayed and worried and prayed and kept telling God what I thought He should do.

"Please, Lord, just give him one job that will help him be stable for a while, so he won't be discouraged!"

But one thing I have learned is that it isn't just me who loves my children, it is God. And God's  plans were much better than mine! As Nathan was praying one day, he was overcome with an idea. "If I can't get the roles that are acceptable, I will write a screenplay and produce a movie myself that might encourage and inspire families all over the world, and which might even bring some prodigals home."

And so he began to write a screenplay, a contemporary retelling of the prodigal son--as he has seen so many kids in Hollywood who have been prodigals.

It was edited, and many people started getting behind the project and loved it. And so a trailer was made. Professionals volunteered their time-- camera men, actors, all sorts of people came around Nate to produce this trailer made in only one day.

If 100 people gave 10-$50 dollars, He would be able to make the film! 

His dream is to make a simple movie with a message that will change hearts. Maybe it will even restore some families to each other and bring some prodigals home.  And that will hopefully lead to other films and more influence as God works and opens impossible doors.

God provided  Nate an opportunity to be one of the lead marketers for Dolphin Tale, which so many of you supported. This whole experience was a foundation laid so he would have the imagination that he himself could work to produce such a movie. And now he has developed more friends  and experienced actors, who are interested in seeing more moral and family-friendly movies come to life.

DONATE TO KICK STARTER--Get a great movie theme into theaters, and help this become a reality!

 Nathan needs our help--mine and yours. It is common for artists to raise foundational money to get the basic funding for a project that people support and stand behind. 

 KICK STARTER was organized a few years ago as a way that people could support projects (music and movies, etc.) that would not be possible for the artists or writers to produce without the support of the public. This particular movie, with a very low budget and many helping Nate voluntarily, will hopefully be produced for around $10,000. But it takes several hundred people to give $10-$100 to make this film possible. Of course, someone can just send in a $10,000 check, if they have one lying around! :)

You can find all the information about this project at: Kick Starter: Confessions of a Prodigal Son and watch as others add their support to make this film a reality.

So many of you have been writing me letters asking about this project and have even begun to support it.  If he makes his pledges in 50 days, then the film will become a possibility and you will have the opportunity to see it come out in the next year. No one's card will be charged unless he meets his total goal. 

If you would like to become a small part of seeing a Christian-themed movie come about, it would just be wonderful if you would sign up to help this project get off the ground.

It is so exciting to see Nathan and a number of other young, passionate Christian actors and writers dreaming of how to bring light to media and movies and music.

Here is what Nathan wrote on his blog:

Confessions of a Prodigal Son – The MOVIE (needs you)

February 7, 2013 

After living in a world of prodigals and feeling the pull to become one my self, I decided to use my gift, love and passion for story to tell the story of the Prodigal Son… To remind a world living in darkness there is a light we can return to. I wrote a full length feature film as a moden-retelling of the Prodigal Son. Above is the short trailer I directed with the help of amazing volunteers to show just a glimpse of what this film could and will be.Right now I am in the process of raising enough funds to see this story come to life.

I am asking you to help, because I believe that this is a story that Jesus used to show people the powerful vision of his redemptive power.

I believe if and when this movie comes out, it will be a light in the darkness and a call to all of us who long for redemption and a home back to the one who made us.

If you want to join a movement that is going to make a story that needs to be told come to life please visit the website and see the amazing prizes and gifts you get for being a part of this project!

Thank you so much for your support, prayers and help.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

-Nathan John Clarkson (click on the picture below to find out more about Nathan!) 


Dare to dream in your children's dreams and they may just be used by God to change their world.

Will you share Nathan's dream of this film with your friends?

And thanks so much ahead of time for all of you who have encouraged Nathan and me in this process of faith.



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