Best to decide to like God's will, because it isn't going to change

I got to hold a precious one this weekend, see devotionmamablogspot

Why do I embrace the call of motherhood? Why do I think it is a worthy call to love, serve and embrace our children?

When we become Christians, we commit our lives to the Lord and say, "I will serve you. I will love you. I will do anything for you!"

And so, God says, "Children are a blessing, the fruit of the womb is a reward." He wants us to cherish what He has called a gift. In Genesis 1, when He blessed Adam and Eve, He called out to that blessing, "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth."

If we resist the call of motherhood, then we resist God, as He designed it to be eternally significant and meaningful. We cannot say we will love and serve God and then refuse to see our children as a ministry from Him.

All babies come into the world fragile, in need of comfort, love, food, protection and learning life from the hands of the mom and dad who gave them birth. And so, as God created them so, we have the opportunity to imprint their brains with impressions of what love is like when we caress them and embrace them and sing to them, so that their little brains will believe, when they understand words, that God truly is a loving creator. When we provide rest and comfort and verbal stimulation by talking to them, we are preparing their little brains with pathways of intelligence so that they can understand words and eventually truth and so on.

If God made babies so, then it is God's will for us to embrace our one opportunity to effect eternity by loving, cherishing, serving that which God gave to us as a gift, whose life will have implications for all of eternity. Our children, then, are not an interruption, but God's best plan for us to understand His own servant leadership, to see that He has placed in our hands the opportunity to be a part of shaping a mind, soul and body.

And so we embrace motherhood with our whole heart because it is the best way to serve Him. We cannot say we love and serve Him and then reject that gift that He has placed into our hands. A sweet friend posted this quote today on her blog, themobsociety, a quote from Mission of Motherhood. (Go to the rest of her blog for more.)

“As it is, after eighteen years of learning the truth of living sacrificially, I have found that embracing God’s call to motherhood once and for all has brought me great peace. Instead of seeing fusses and messes as irritations in my day, for instance, I am more likely to see them as opportunities to train my children to be peacemakers and to learn to be responsible for their own messes. Instead of resenting the interruptions in my schedule, I am more likely to accept them as divine appointments. More and more, I have learned to see my children through the eyes of God and to accept the stages of growth through which he has designed them to grow.” Sally Clarkson

So, I am praying for God to give sweet mothers a love for their children and a heart for their calling. Grace and peace in the midst of your sweet ones today.

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