Cherishing "The Life"

And in Him was life and that life was the light of man. John 1:4 Wherever the Spirit of God is hovering, moving, working, we will see "life". His spirit will bring a deep, indescribable heart response to a musical composition whose beauty touches our soul. Love poured out through touch heals wounds. Generosity given to one who is poor brings hope. This "life" that brings more life and light is expressed through the ways we live. He sweeps through real human beings to bring restoration, beauty and we are the vessels through which His beauty and His life comes to others who do not know or understand Him. When we yield to His Spirit, life will come and create a reflection of His being in our own lives.

When we allow Him to work through us--we live into the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the small flame in another's soul will be fanned to brightness.

And so we live to bring life and we will begin to see this life lit in those who come in our wake, because life grows and multiplies and spreads--and so it will spread into the lives of our children, our friends, our husbands.........

Words are another way that life is ignited and felt. I felt such life yesterday, my soul was deeply touched,  when I read these words:


There it is, the shortest verse in the Bible.

We can discard it so easily, pass over it so quickly, but really, it is incredible.

Think of it. Let is sink in as I write it again: Jesus Wept.

The all-knowing ruler and God of the universe cried.

For what? The loss of a friend that he already knew he was going to raise to life in a matter of minutes? Why would He cry for that?

Because God loves us. He loves us with a depth we cannot understand because the very God who made the stars feels our pain in the depths of His heart. He shares our hurt, and communes with our struggles.

Jesus stood at the tomb of his friend, and though he knew that he could bring Lazurus to life in a matter of seconds, he knew that death still grieved the people around him to the depths of their souls. Jesus wept for the pain, the fear his friend felt as death took him. Jesus wept for Mary and Martha, the sisters who watched their brother die and thought that God had forgotten them. Jesus wept for all the watchers in the crowd, living in the world where death and pain still have the upper hand.

Jesus wept to show us that never again could we doubt that God knows our pain. God knows every tear that we cry.

Nathan J Clarkson  Wisdom Chasers

And then, I knew, that my son, had caught "the life" in our home--He had met Him face to face and taken Him deep into his soul. May we be vessels every day of His life that others will carry that life to their world that they may carry the light.