Choosing a Mary Day during a Martha Season

My sweet Sarah, dearest of friends, right in front of my eyes.

I have not wrapped all of the packages.

As a matter of fact, I have not bought presents for all of my children that I meant to buy--almost nothing for Joy, because it just hasn't worked out.

The streets are frenzied and crowded and there is a desire inside, "I want to be sure the kids feel loved. I haven't gotten everything done that I meant to do."

My dear boys and friends who are not often together or home--I want to sit and listen to all of their stories and hold  the moments.

But, I am choosing today to stop the frenzy.

I want to sit for a while and love my Jesus. To remember how grateful I am to know Him and to understand His presence, God with us, God with me, Immanuel, every day and especially today.

I will look in to the eyes of Clay and see what I might do to lighten his load.

Sweet Joy, home from college, I want to squeeze her and cherish each moment.

My four children, all filled with heart needs,--I hope I will leave you today with a sense that I love you and care for all the pressures and stresses and insecurities and issues that are on your heart and that you will have the present of my presence.

In short, I am dedicating this day to what I think will matter, above the things that are crying and vying for my attention.

Please let me be faithful to all that matters and not a slave to the things that will create more stress.

I give this day to you, Jesus.