Come to Women of Faith Conference as our guest! A Great Giveaway!

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Angela Perrit and I celebrating our Book, You Are Loved!

You Are Loved!

You are precious, just as you are!

God sees you in your circumstances and with your own personal puzzle and he sees you as a woman of great value.

Do You feel loved, forgiven, acceptable today?

Passion for helping women to know that God's love for them has been a part of my heart messages for a long time. When you understand that you, as you are, with all of your flaws and mistakes and bad attitudes, are cherished by the God who rules the universe, your life will be changed. There is nothing you can do to earn God's love--it would never be enough! But, He, out of the kindness of His heart, loves you as a Father loves his little one, his own child, and He has compassion and grace to give you every day.

Angela teaches women the to love God's word and to study and understand it every day, and she had a similar passion. We wrote a book together, You Are Loved, and have seen this simple message go all over the world. We were so thrilled when so many thousands of women  responded to our book, and have written us letters and shared it with their friends--and we loved hearing from so many of you.

Fast forward a year, and we were amazed and thrilled to see that The Women of Faith conference wanted to use our book as a part of their national conferences this year, along with the theme of their conference, LOVED. Thousands of women attend each conference where women are encouraged and inspired in their Christian lives. We are praying for thousands of women's lives to be transformed as they grow in their personal understanding of His love and commitment to them.


Women of Faith

To celebrate a new release of our book, especially for these conferences, as well as in other stores, Women of Faith has generously allowed us to do a really fun giveaway for the precious friends who follow our blogs and ministry.  How would you like to win a VIP Ticket to the Denver Women of Faith Conference, and get one for any friend you want to bring, and then meet with Angela and me for lunch? You would also receive a set of books and some other fun prizes. We will be there together and look so forward to celebrating with 2 women for the weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.45.43 PMTyndale, who published my last book, Own Your Life, has partnered with us in this new venture and have agreed to give away the Women of Faith book set--a journal, our Bible study, and a special devotional put together by the women of faith speakers.

Be sure to enter soon as we will give the tickets away in just a few days. Tell your friends, share the news and you maybe you will be the winner. Angela and I are looking so forward to sharing this weekend with a couple of you!

Below is the way you can enter to win the tickets.

Thanks for sharing our excitement! You can also order our book for your small group or just for you!

Bring your friends to this conference in Denver and join us and other friends at the inspirational conference for Women of Faith. Find out more HERE!

Hope to see you there!

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