Comfort food and a good English Drama

Several close friends and family were ill last weekend and had some sort of respiratory virus, and so it was going around. So I can't really blame any one person and don't want to make anyone feel guilty. But, after going to emergency care this morning and ending up with 6 medications. (I am an asthmatic and I have bronchitis and my sinuses are totally stopped up, so after I take Joy on an errand, I will come home to just rest, play, and be sick. Not often we give ourselves permission to just take a day off! Comfort for me will be something of a rhythm. Homemade cream of broccoli cheese soup from yesterday. (I add a couple of potatoes so it feel creamy with out so many calories and fat.)

Old fashioned chocolate chip cookies with pecans that Sarah made. (The secret to good cookies is always whip the butter, vanilla, sugar and eggs by themselves for 5-10 minutes on high and then don't bake the cookies too long--they will cook a little more after they are out and on  a stone and they will dry out a little, so you don't want them tough.

Of course pots of tea. And some great English drama series that we can be romantic with and enjoy the countryside and dream.

Our favorite that we have watched over the years are: (and we almost have them memorized:

Pride and Prejudice (the new and the old 8 hour one!)

Sense and Sensibility



Larkrise to Candleford--so wonderful and new, but they are canceling it after its 4th season!

David Copperfield

Wives and Daughters

Victoria and Albert and Young Victoria

Mrs. Brown

Daniel Deronda

and more.

I will send pictures of the soup if I get around to it, but think maybe I will just go climb into the pallet the girls have made (pillows, blanket, candle lit, vase of flowers, water, sparkling water with juice and plenty of kleenex.)

Good health to all of you today!