Comfort Food--the source of winning hearts for God!


"Mom, I think you won our hearts more by your cooking than anything else! You bribed us into loving God by giving us feasts when you wanted to teach us something important!"

This from my boys when they were home. God must have had lots of pleasure in mind when He created so many varieties of food with tastes, color and so much delight to be enjoyed. This summer, my close friend, Brandee and I have been working on an ebook together about all of the ways we used meals and snacks and tea times to have rousing discussions, inspired devotions and teachable moments--all around food! So I asked Brandee to share what some of her favorite memories came to her over food!

Growing up in California didn’t give way to many cold and rainy days. Although, some of my fondest days as a child revolved around the classic grilled cheese and Campbell’s tomato soup served up for lunch on a drizzly cold Saturday afternoon. All I ever remember is Kraft American cheese melting over the sides of my toasted wheat lunch bread after being carefully cut into two perfect triangles of warm happiness! A mug of tomato soup placed right beside for a pleasant sandwich dipping experience.

Since those days of Kraft and Campbell’s, my taste for a good old grilled cheese has not faded. But my taste has! Here is a few ways to give your grilled cheese and tomato soup a make over. Get creative! Who says you can’t mix it up?



1 roll of Ciabatta bread (or any variety of bread you enjoy)

2 Tbsp of pesto

1 - 2 slices of havarti cheese (or any variety of cheeses you enjoy)

2 slices ofturkey breast deli meat (Boar’s Head sun dried tomato or chipotle is amazing!)

2 slices of salami

Optional add ins:

sweet peppers, spinach, avocado, tomato, bacon, etc.


Using a Panini pan or press, cook your grilled cheese sandwiches with all your favorite fixings until the cheese is melted and you have those pretty grill lines on your bread!

For Tomato Soup you can still get pre-made soup from the store (I like Pacific Organic Creamy Tomato Soup in a box) or you can go for your favorite homemade variety and triple the recipe so that you can store single servings in the freezer for later!

What is your family's favorite meal or treat? Maybe we will include it in our book!