Crafting the Art of Home Life, Part 1

In the beginning, God created

As women, one of the defining qualities intrinsic in being made in God's image, is the divine ability to create, to cultivate, to subdue, and to take all of the raw materials of our lives and to craft them into something beautiful.

When God laid the foundations of the universe, the splendor and magnificence of vibrant color, eye captivating beauty, resilient, melodious sounds,  the  spontaneous response of the shimmering, sparkling morning stars was to celebrate with heavenly choruses, singing His praises and worth, while the sons of God shouted and celebrated wildly with joy. (Job 38:6-8) What on overwhelming display of vibrant, heart filling celebration of His glory it must have been.

So, when we want to display just a small bit of the divine through the beauty of our home, it must encompass all of the moments of life, because we have ruled over our domains in such a way to have order, rhythms, traditions, anchors in our schedule that provide for this divine reflection through the ways we have ruled over and subdued in our own domain.

I love fall the best, I think. Chill air begins to fill the nights so that we must close our windows and snuggle under covers. Warm, simmering, pungent soups bubble on the stove while scents of herb crusted bread waft from the oven. Fireplaces and candles dance with flames, music notes float into our subconscious to please and soothe the rough places of our souls.

The Spirit of home,  stands at the doorways to compel those outside to enter into a place of life, comfort, rest, beauty.

But, you say, "My life is already so busy, I don't have time to add one more ideal."

The dilemma, then, is how to weave beauty, color, celebration into an already busy life.