My Little Bird Story and some great sales!

imagesHis eye is on the sparrow, and I know He cares for me.....

When I was first pregnant with Sarah, my oldest child, I was on pins and needles wondering if she would be ok. Having had one miscarriage to begin with, I spotted and bled up to Sarah's 5th month. Clay and I were on staff at the International Chapel in Vienna and my doctors spoke German to me, which I did not always understand. One day when we were on a trip to show Clay's mom the Austrian Alps, I started bleeding once again. Clay took his mom out to look at the little village where we were staying so that I could just get bed-rest.

I remember looking out a tiny window that was next to me and pouring my heart out to God. "Please, God, let this baby stay and be healthy," as tears poured out.

Just at that moment, a little bird hopped up on the window sill where I was looking out and praying. It came within 6 inches of me and just stayed there. All of a sudden, as though the Lord was speaking to me,

"Yet not a single sparrow falls to the ground without your Father’s knowledge. The very hairs of your head are all numbered. Never be afraid, then—you are far more valuable than sparrows."

At that moment, I knew that He saw me and cared for me. My heart was filled with peace--and Sarah is here today as a picture of His faithfulness.

iPhoto Library bird mug

So, when I saw the mug above, at Dayspring, I got one for Joy and Sarah and me,  and told them the story. I wanted it to remind them that God would be faithful to them!

I introduced some of you to Dayspring last month. It is the Christian arm of Hallmark and I love finding meaningful gifts for my family and my friends.  Faith inspired gifts and home decor is lovely and has provided our family with some lovely pieces in our home.  I am happy to be able to tell you about them.  Here are some fun things on sale this month.

 These lovely dishes, called Ever Grateful, are on sale now for 50% off.


This delicate necklace, based on Psalm 139:14, is a daily reminder of how God feels about you.


Click here to see Dayspring's collection of 2014 calendars and planners.  Though not on sale, they are reasonably priced with many beautiful choices.


There is a one day sale today for this magnetic calendar for 70% off--from 26 to 7.99!

This calendar of words would inspire me each day. As you all know, I love words! :)


Many of Dayspring's boxed cards are on sale during August as well.  You can stock up for loved ones and birthdays throughout the year.  You can even pre-address the envelopes to save yourself that step later! I keep boxes of cards in my desk and in my suitcase when I travel so I can always leave someone some words of grace.

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