Don't listen to the nay sayers

My creator made this--near my home.

There are so many throughout history who would say, "It can't be done." or "You'll never make it." or "At this time in our culture, you just can't expect anyone to be pure." Or, Or, or

Scripture is full of nay sayers. God disciplined Israel for 40 years in the desert for every day they were "spies" in the promised land and looked at the giants and did not believe Him for His provision for fighting their battles to give them the land of milk and honey. Forty years in the desert is a high price to pay for lack of faith, but God made his point.

These are some of the things nay sayers said to me.

"You just may not be the type to get married." (when I was 27) Got married at 28

"You may not be able to have children." (7 pregnancies, 4 children)

"You don't have the right kind of breasts to breast feed." (Now that one was really funny---breastfed all 4)

"If you breast-feed this failure to thrive baby, (my first one--in neonatal care) you may cause her brain damage because you have had the flu and may not make enough milk. (She gained weight the first week at home because I let her eat whenever she wanted to--she gained over a pound the first week and thrived--even made a perfect scores on one of her college tests--evidently brain was not damaged.)

"If you start your own ministry or business, 95% fail financially and have to go under. It just isn't the wisest thing to do." (We went 4 1/2 without a salary, shopped at good will, etc. and by God's grace got Whole Heart and Whole Heart Press up and going for the last 18 years.)

"Homeschooling is too hard. You will never be able to do it, especially not in the high school years." Made it all the way through with each one.

"You will never teach this one to read." reads and reads and reads

"He will lose his faith for sure. Look at the people he is running around with." Didn't lose his faith, loves God so very much and has a heart for those who are lost.

Satan would just love for us to give up on our ideals, on our marriages, on our family, on our kids, on church, on ourselves.

Now, I did have my days of doubt, and my pathways of darkness, but God kept speaking to us of faith and hard work and trusting Him and He never told us to leave our ideals in these areas. We are so very glad we did not listen to the voices.

Don't listen.

Just don't let them linger in your head. Have time in the word, pray, write down your commitment, hold fast and be a person of faith. Speak truth to your brain.

Now, Clay and I have new areas in which to say "no" to the nay sayers. May we live by faith and hope until we see Him face to face.

"But when I come back, will I find faith upon the earth?"

Thanks for all who have prayed. We need it and are blessed by joining you in the heavenlies. Thanks for your kind words and support. It means the world to us and to our children.