Don't miss an evening, up close and personal--Your Out of the Box Child


My Nathan is home!

Sequestered alone in Sarah's room, where for the moment, no one could find me, I began to read the chapters of the book Nathan had sent to me. We had embarked on another unique journey for us to write a book about what it was like for him, and for me, to go through our journey as a mama and boy through the years of our home with him, the out of the box boy, (clinical ocd, add, a spectrum of autism and a few other tiny issues), and me the mama who had to figure it all out.

I had never really asked him how he had felt being different than the others--a more different kind of different. But now, here were his memories all tied in a bundle of words. His heartfelt issues that followed him, made his "fitting in" harder, finding home a safe haven have all opened up memories and a new world of understanding into his heart.

I know so many of you have children who are "different" in their own ways--perhaps harder to reach, carrying some mysterious issues that you are trying to figure out, or just wanting to know how to reach the hearts of all of your children who are different from one another.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 23.52.46
Screenshot 2016-05-12 23.52.46

Nathan and I are working on the final parts of the book these next two weeks, so we decided that since we were together, we would do a live webcast and share some of what we have discovered through the years of his life in our home. I hope you will join us if you need encouragement, hope, inspiration or just sympathy in your journey of motherhood. You can sign up for the webcast HERE or by putting your curser on the box below. 

We all love children who are easy to train and quick to learn, but what does it look like to love the kid who is mysterious, challenging, and outside-the-lines? How on earth do you even begin with your child who just can't quite be tamed? Tune in to this dynamic conversation between Sally Clarkson and her own "superman" son, Nathan, and gain an understanding of what it means to cherish the unique person that God has created your challenging child to be. Learn how God has particularly chosen you for the task of seeking out their gifts, understanding their different voice, and learning to see the image of God within them. Sally will give her own unique insight and practical suggestions about how to help your children grow and flourish, even those with special challenges and setbacks. Nathan will share from his own heart about his experience as a child with a different personality and a unique mind, and give you rare insight into how an outside-the-box kid might operate.

Included topics:

- What could possibly be going through my child's mind?

- Reach the heart, not the behavior

- Love them for how God has created them, not how we want them to be

- Unique Children Require Unique Paths

And much more!

Please join us for this very special conversation, and gain a deeper understanding of how to love your own "different" children! 

Great News! Our friends from Dallas have invited us to an evening up close and personal with me and my son Joel for a Life Giving Home Encounter. We would love to see you there and have an evening of meeting and talking to many of you who we communicate with every day through the blog and podcasts. Join us and bring your friends for beautiful evening together. Register HERE

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Screenshot 2016-05-16 21.20.19