Enjoy today, It is a gift! Celebrate Your People

IMG_4566My beloved Colorado sunset on my walk every night down the road from my house.

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time."

John Lubbock, a writer from England 1860's

I am moving in the direction of breathing this summer. Noticing the iris's now blooming in Colorado, enjoying the aspens blowing, and planning more time with my dear friends in town that I just don't see often enough.

Just finishing a book today that will come out next January. My book tells the story of God giving me the gift of Nathan, my ADD, ODD, OCD, learning issues child to teach me about what really matters in life. I have reflected on so many truths I learned in the writing of this book and have been so very touched by Nathan's writing. Every mom should write a book with their child, if only to see what was really going on inside! :)

I think you will like it because I like it! :) Remembering the stories and writing about our journey together provided the ones at home great moments to remember, to really remember how much fun we had together in our home, amidst all the challenges and lessons. We have all been ending our evenings on our back deck, watching the sun set and sharing moments of life. There were times I didn't know if my children would ever get along, ever stop fussing, if anything I was doing mattered. And now I know, your investment of love and time matters so much. You are shaping souls, building vision. giving a foundation of stability upon which they will stand in their adult lives. My greatest happiness these two weeks that Joy, Joel and Nathan have been home is to see them together, being best friends.

As I wrote stories of my unique story with him, it made me truly miss those years. I do miss those years when I had my own little club--Sarah, Joel, Nathan and Joy--all together, going in the car together, reading together, doing bed time routines and hugging their little squishy warm bodies, and nursing and rocking my babes--though it was all foreign to me at first, now I miss them being right here where I learned to love being a mama. So now, I am thankful for the days they are here--even if we do eat and mess up the house all the time, and then have one more tea, coffee, treat and then eat again.......


Happiness comes to me when I get to choose my summer flowers. Here are some of my blues.


I am spending time on my front porch because I love the outdoors. I bought my summer flowers and now am enjoying them. I pile books thinking I will read them, but mainly end up dreaming and being distracted by what is going on--yesterday, 3 bunnies actually ran and played for 15 minutes. This month we have had turkey running through, numerous groups of deer, squirrels,  and lots of blue jays squawking and protecting their eggs and chicks from the squirrels.

Having a cup of tea with something sweet, however tiny,  is a habit I will continue into this summer--just seems the right thing, somehow!  :) But still going to try to lose 10 pounds for the wedding and photos. :)

 I am still on that kick of doing the 10,000 steps every day for about a month. I use the app on my iphone. I love walking and it is so fun in Colorado at nights.

I, who love to cook and provide, find myself every night not wanting to make dinner, so we are snacking more than usual. I wonder if I will ever cook again. And then last night I ended up making an old fashioned homemade fried chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and gravy. (my secret recipe). Tonight, organic turkey sausage on the grill and friends. Then tomorrow all of us fly out while Joel and Clay stay home to take care of Darcy Dog.

What is an easy summer meal that you go to all the time? I need some suggestions.

Also, want to know what your summer rituals are in your home?

So what are you up to?

Maybe you will want to read the Life Giving Home this summer to inspire you with renewed vision for your home as a strong foundation for life this summer in your free time. I have loved speaking about this at our evening seminars, especially after having my own adult children home this spring and friends who have visited from afar. You can get it HERE


Off to sleep, which I am also excited about every night--going to bed! What does that suggest? :)


Register HERE for Dallas.

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Register HERE for San Diego.

I am excited to be taking a short trip to Dallas and to San Diego for an evening up close and personal with Joel. I will be sharing stories from our lives, home, thoughts about mentoring children to become great in character. I love these smaller evenings where we get to meet many of you and have time to talk. I hope many of you can join us at these events. Be sure to register. The registration fee helps to pay for our flights and international ministry. We are always grateful to be able to spend time with kindred spirits.

Please share with your friends. Hope to see you there.