Excellence of Character is Trained by Intention and Practice--A Giveaway and Summer Inspration!

image (We have 10 more printable posters like the one above for each of you who are able to attend the 10 Gifts E-conference on July 14&15 as a gift to each one who attends.)

Training a Godly Generation in our own homes!

In a landscape of mediocrity and moral compromise amongst Christian leaders, there is such a need for heroes to emerge into the culture. Heroes are those whose character is exceptional. A heroe's character is formed by years of instruction, training, practice by someone who is qualified to give vision for the need for a life built on an excellent foundation and to ensure practice of such attributes.

Mothers are crafted by God to be those who are the shapers, trainers and instructors of these excellent attributes in the lives of their children. Training a child to become wise in life--to learn how to live with wisdom informing their every decision, giving them guidance that will help the make good decisions, the endurance in difficult times and the desire to be uncompromising in ideals is one of the highest callings God designed for mothers to embrace.

One of the truest and deepest satisfactions of my own life has been in investing years in the lives of my children and seeing them respond and flourish as adults in their world. So many years, I couldn't tell if my training was making any difference. The years of training to excellence are long, yet, the end result is so very satisfying to a mamas soul. The best book I have written is the story my children are living out now in their adult lives. To have the blessing of shaping souls is intrinsic to the very meaningful role of motherhood.

Many women have lost the vision for the importance of giving their children a foundation of excellence through training, developing habits of integrity and diligence. It is my hope that The Ten Gifts of Wisdom e-conference will focus on bringing inspiration, and giving clear goals to help women know just how to build this strong moral character and integrity into the very heart and soul of children in her home. I love to mentor moms on the journey of motherhood, as shaping the souls of the next generation is a part of passing on righteousness and faith in each generation. My passion in this area has been growing stronger and stronger this summer as I have spent so much time with my own children and hear them speak of what they are finding in the market place, as well as hearing from so many young moms who long to be mentored.

We have been attempting to host online conferences to the many of you who have asked us to make our mom's conferences more available to those who are not able to attend our yearly gatherings.

A Giveaway for the Readers of Itakejoy.com

I did not want to leave my own audience at itakejoy without the opportunity to win a free ticket to the 10 Gifts e-conference next week. I hope many of you will join me as I talk about developing a plan in your own home of raising such heroes of excellence for the next generation.  I will be giving away 10 tickets to this conference. To enter the giveaway, help me spread the word to other moms who long for encouragement and to renew their vision. It will be a grand couple of nights.

For those of you who are not able to participate live in the conference, you will be able to view the conference, download the pdf and also down load the 10 printable posters we have prepared for all 10 Gifts and listen to it at your leisure!

The host we are using for this has set limits of how many we can accept, so be sure to register early if you desire to attend live. If you win one of the giveaways, we will refund your ticket.

For information about the conference and the registration page, go HERE

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Be sure to enter soon, as the giveaway is just over in a little more than 24 hours! a Rafflecopter giveaway