Experiencing Lasting Joy

I remember the first time I heard the lyrics of the song, You are For Me.  The chorus went, “I know that you are for me. I know that you are for me. I know that you will never forsake me in my weakness.”  I was pregnant for the ninth time and I had lived the last 14 weeks in total fear of what could happen. I had been blessed with four healthy children, but had also experienced four miscarriages. No “number of weeks” was safe for me because I had gone as far as five months before miscarrying. I was living like a shaking leaf and I couldn’t get a hold of myself. This wasn’t like my positive optimistic self at all. The losses had wrecked me.

The night I heard this song for the first time, I literally sat on the ground against the wall in my kitchen and wept. The Lord was speaking to me. “Ruth, I am for you. I know you are so weak right now, but I won’t leave you. I am fighting for you.” I can’t even explain the peace that washed over me as this truth became clear…and I listened again and again...

Ruth Schwenk is sharing part of her story today and you can read the rest of her post on Chapter 10 of Dancing With My Father today at The Better Mom. We are so glad you've joined us at the book club and look forward to the next one in January!