finally- Girl Club--vacation time at last!

Had so much fun seeing many friends in Houston this weekend. Flew home with Clay at 6:30 a.m. this morning (got up at 4!) Then the 2 hour flight and then the 1 hour drive home. Got home, packed and left 2 hours later with my sweet girls to drive to California. We are now in a Holiday Inn somewhere in tiny town Utah. A sweet friend who had a friend who knew of us found we were a little weary from our year and offered us to stay on the beach in her parent's home while they were gone. 

So, the girls and I are off for another adventure--5 whole days without any responsibilities, ministry stuff, deadlines, school work, and all of us having so much fun just to think about it. Shell Beach is our destination--
It is our third year to do a trip together all by ourselves. We call it girl club--all girl things---the girl food we like (we usually split), homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies that Sarah and Joy made, roated walnuts and peans, stops at Starbucks, Victoria magazines, too many books to read in one week, favorite tea, girl movies, girl activities and bonding over chocolate. 
At this season of life, with kids having jobs and responsibilities, the whole family rarely get to go together (had lots of fun with Clay this weekend all by ourselves!) So, the boys will be holding down the fort until Joel gets home from summer break this weekend and we all join back up when we come home next Monday.
Highlights so far, stopping at the peace orchard in Palisade, Co., driving through incredible canyons and rock formations through Utah; listening to a dramatic reading of a story from P.G. Wodehouse--always hysterical; and singing and rocking out to favorite, loud music  we all like to keep us awake until we got to our destination. Pictures to follow.