Find the happy, look for joy around every corner

Wonderful Jeremy! At La Baguettes downtown Co. Springs

Always, bright, gracious, encouraging and friendly every time I go in for coffee and treats, and on my birthday treated me to coffee and free breakfast! Go Jeremy!

Pondering today, "Only the wise can dance to the rhythm of life."

I want to dance,.......,

Joel, bounding up the stairs from his basement bedroom, and always bringing cheer--wrestling on the floor with Kelsey. Fun, fun memory before he drove off in his new second hand maroon car on his way to California to work in film scoring.

Joel, pounding away on my childhood piano whenever I am in the kitchen, and hearing grand music of his making coming out and invading my brain--ahhh, to have a composer living in your home. A happy memory I will visit. Joel has always made me happy.

Remembering how fun it was to have Sarah Mae in my home and scheming with her for new projects that will change the world!

And so, I regularly look for the fingerprints of fun, the love, the laughter, the good, the beautiful--and then I take a photograph of it in my mind.

So what is your happy this week?

Wishing you the best weekend.