Support Nathan's New Movie: Finding Yourself While Losing Your Mind & A New Book

IMG_0641 Nathan and me--my wonderful ADD, OCD, ODD, interesting, out of the box son, who taught me so much about life, love and beauty. He is truly one of my dearest, closest friends in all the world.

I am home at last and 20 years exhausted, I think, from all the years of Mom Heart Conferences. But oh so happy and thankful. What a run it has been. We finished our last conference in Dallas last weekend and now I am taking a breath to catch up on all the lose ends of the last few months.

One of the highlights of our conference this year was having all 4 of our kids with us. Nathan flew in from New York City.

We are so very excited to tell you we will be writing our book about out of the box kids and the moms who raise them.

Last year, he made his first movie, Confessions of a Prodigal Son and has sold over 60,000 to date. (You can watch it on Netflix)

Now, Nathan has decided to write a movie script and produce it  that will correspond with our new book, coming out next year. He hopes to encourage those who find themselves "outside the box" to understand that who they are, as they are, is a divine work of art--and that God has a way forward for each unique person, even with differences. Nathan wrote an article today to share a little of what He has been thinking as he is writing with me--and about the movie you can help to make a reality.

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All of my life I have felt Different... partly because early on I was diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, ODD, and learning disabilities, and partly because the personality that God designed me with didn't fit into the "norm".

I was louder than most, couldn't sit still, and had a series of never-ending questions. Many didn't know how to handle my "out of the box personality" causing me to often feel alone, rejected, and "less-than."

But God, knowing who I was going to be, put me in a family, where I wasn't asked to conform to a mold, but was celebrated for my differences allowing me to finally realize that the things that made me "different" were the attributes that God wanted to use in my life.

It wasn't easy. But everyday of my young life, mom would spend hours reading, listening, and showing me stories of the great heroes who changed the world, who had their own differences and battles to fight. I love stories, stories were the way I was able to see myself and my insecurities as part of something bigger, part of something God wanted to use.

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Now, as a grown man, who has dedicated my life to telling worthy stories,  I was recently inspired to use my passion for stories to show a message I think this generation needs to hear. This story will speak to any who have, for whatever reason, felt "different," "less-than", and have been tempted to give up.

My hope is that this story  will bring hope, inspiration, and a clear picture of the beauty with which we wre designed, even when we can't see it. If you or anyone in your life has ever felt "different" this film is for you.

Stories are powerful... Stories change us, connect us, move us, and inspire us.
But all too often, we live in a world that separates, alienates, hurts, and discourages us.
As a filmmaker, I believe we need powerful, quality stories of true love, sacrifice, hope, faith, and redemption to infiltrate this generation with the message God longs for us to hear.

Last year I released my first feature film-- Confessions of a Prodigal Son; a modern-day retelling of the prodigal son story. The film was made to offer hope to this prodigal generation, and since it's release into thousands of homes around the country, I continue to receive letter after letter of people who were touched by the message of redemption, and inspired to continue their journey of hope.

Because of this I have a new fire in me to continue creating the stories that tell of the amazing love and redemption God offers us.

After dealing with severe mental-illness my entire life and going through one of the hardest years I've experienced, God has gave me hope and engaged my imagination,  to craft a new story to through film.  Honesty about the hardships, darkness, and brokenness of the world will be addressed, but at the same time offers, hope and a path forward for others who feel different. The storyline follows a young man returning home after a traumatic event that shakes his whole world. In this place, he begins the journey to healing through fighting to see the beauty in the world.

It's my hope that all who see this film will be able to connect with the characters. Each one is going through hardship and each is deciding if they will make the choice to see redemption.

I am so excited to now announce we will be filming in September in my hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado! We have already begun casting amazing talent that you have seen in films such as "October Baby" "Not Today." Even as I cast Kevin Sorbo in my last film, I will be attaching a surprise star to our project who will bring a wealth of talent and depth the film. And who knows, I might even make an appearance! :)

I am also so excited to announce that a portion of everything made by this film will go directly to suicide prevention charities, seeking to help troubled youth find hope.

But for this film to become a reality, for this story to have the chance to touch hearts,

Will you help me bring this project to reality?

We need YOUR help to bring it to life.

To make a movie you need everything from food to lights to extras to cameras. To make this particular film we need at minimum $12,000. which sounds like a lot, but when you're going up against Hollywood movies made for 12 million it's a pretty reasonable budget! Which is why we are so excited to get you involved in creating this project with some amazing rewards for those who are interested! We are offering everything from a call from a cast member all the way to having a line in the film or even becoming an official producer of the movie!

It means so much to have the prayers, and support of so many people who want to see stories of value created, and with your help we can bring this one to life...

Go HERE to find the kickstarter where I am raising funds to make this film a reality.

Thanks for very much. I am so grateful for the partners who helped make the last film into a reality.

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Nathan, in a screen shot from Confessions of a Prodigal Son.

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