Fire, evacuation and perspective

A picture from my bedroom toward the mountains that Joel took.

With the smoke and the mountains, fire and sunset, there is still beauty.

As  many of you know from my facebook picture. The fires have attacked our wonderful city and area. Joy is presently attending Summit Ministries Conference in Manitou Springs and all of the kids have been evacuated to a local church and are safe, praise God.

Many of our friends have had to evacuate their homes and we will be keeping a family this week.

Please pray for God to send rain.

To protect the homes near the forest.

To keep the firemen and women safe--we have a friend who is there now.

Pray, Pray that God will protect Glen Eyrie, the Navigator Headquarters and retreat center  from burning as it backs up to the mountains that are burning.

Please pray for God to protect Summit Ministries buildings and dorms and all the other Christian ministries close by.

God is with all of us and He is in control and He is giving us all thoughts about eternity and about what really matters.

The Lord is indeed near. Peace to us all.