Fires and status of Black Forest

r620-149d5a636115b8529cac92714c59458f Black Forest--a close community of families near our home.

So very thankful for the fire-fighters and the police and national guard and their tireless service to our community.

Sweet Friends,

Thanks for all of your emails and fb notes. It means so much to our whole family.

Still dramatic here in the area--0 containment of fire, 370 homes totalled, 15,000 acres and growing. it grew from 8500 and doubled in one day. Deb's house ok, mine ok, Brandee evacuated but her home is still standing. Many, many family friends have lost their homes. The problem in the Black Forest is that there are no fire hydrants--just wells. The winds have been so active and blowing the fire in many directions.Biggest loss of homes in Colorado history. The problem is the number of trees (Black Forest) and all the pine bows and grasses catch quickly. Record high temperatures. Fortes with us and awaiting news on their home.

The effect on all of us is sadness, of course, to see the land destroyed and to see precious family friends displaced. But also a realization that only our family, friends and the Lord are our essential treasures. We had 4 families gathered at our home last night for dinner--a break from all of the work, and our hearts were filled with the love we have shared over many years of living life and staying with one another through all the dramatic and joyful issues of our lives. In this, we all have our treasures.

Quite surreal. These were our stomping grounds where many of our friends live and have shared life for all the years we have been here. We are praying for all of our friends. More soon. Thanks for your many prayers.

We will keep you posted. May God bless each of you with a true sense of what really matters and with His love today.