French Dip Easter Sandwiches

frenchdip"The most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking: love for those you are cooking for."-Sophia Loren

With Easter only a little over a week away, it is the perfect amount of time to begin dreaming and planning for your holiday feasts and festivities! You already know that the crockpot can be an amazing friend in the kitchen. Why not put it to work to make a lunch and even leftovers for another meal? Most families will bring out the ham and deviled eggs at Easter, but our family loves to feast on these melt in your mouth sandwiches that are known as “dips.”

If you have never had the pleasure of eating a French Dip sandwich, you must try it now! Nothing goes to waste! You even use the lovely broth created from the meat (au jus) and dip your sandwich into it before each delectable bite! It is more than an easy go-to meal, it’s fun food!  Save whatever meat you have leftover, if any, and use it for soup, pot roast dinner, even add some mexican seasoning to the meat to use for tacos or enchiladas! You can’t go wrong with this inexpensive cut of meat!

Yields: 12 sandwiches (24 halves)

Ingredients: 4 lbs. boneless chuck roast 1/2 cup soy sauce 1 beef bouillon cube 1-2 bay leaves 3-4 peppercorns 1 tsp dried rosemary, crushed 1 tsp dried thyme 1 tsp garlic powder 12 French Rolls - split 12 slices of Havarti cheese (or whatever you like)

Directions: 1. Place roast in a 5 qt. slow cooker. 2. Combine soy sauce & next 6 ingredients. Pour over roast. 3. Add water to slow cooker until roast is almost covered. 4. Cook covered on LOW for 8 hours or until very tender. Cook until it falls apart! 5. Remove roast, reserving broth. 6. Shred roast with 2 forks. 7. Place split french rolls under broiler for about 30 seconds to toast.  Remove bottom halves. Return top halves to oven with slice of havarti cheese on top, just to melt (10-15 seconds). 8. Place shredded beef onto bottom half of roll, top with other half roll & cut at angle. 9. Serve with broth on side in small ramekin or add a little broth to meat before completing sandwich.

The beautiful thing about having a crockpot is the fact that your home cooked meals remain juicy, delicious, and flavorful without all the hassle. Remember that it is more important to have extra time to spend with your sweet loved ones on Easter than it is to stress about having the perfect feast. Enjoy this easy, delicious meal, and don't forget the secret!

What are some of your family's favorite Easter treats and meals?