Giving Life to Your Priorities

unnamedThe wise woman builds her house.

Proverbs 14:1

Building a house from almost scratch cost us hundreds of hours of planning--the bedrooms to suit our boys who would share, the little one for Joy who was young, then Sarah's special blue colored walls. We  planned a library for all of our books, planned a playground, as well as our grass and garden.

Then, we worked, painted, arranged, planted and watched our beautiful home grow into a place rich in comfort, ministry, fun and a saving place for all that is good. There is a rhythm to life--planning and building. Dreaming and working hard to fulfill dreams.

To own one's life, means to envision what is most important, from God's perspective, what goals are worthy and then making plans to accomplish them and working hard in that direction. Over the years, I have learned to copy wise people and to grow from their input and finally to work out the plans.

That is why I am delighted today, to give away all sorts of life coaching from two wonderful friends who are resources of helping with life planning and priorities for you or you and your husband. Both are consultants who guide and inspire people in every walk of life.

And then my wonderful friend, Kat, has generously offered to give away her course that is so very practical and insightful about helping moms know how to organize their day, to build priorities that suit your family and how to make a rhythm of making time for God. I think these gifts will be wonderful for you.

Own Your Life: Life Coaching Giveaway

In two coaching sessions Life Coach, Carey C. Bailey, will partner with you to evaluate where you currently are in your day to day and where you desire be in any area of your life. We will use tools such as a Life Balance Survey, Values Inventory and Personal Identity Worksheet to provide focus and clarity as you begin the process of stewarding your life and the portion you have been given.

Carey Bailey - black and white (2)Carey Bailey is a woman who loves to dance around the living room with her husband to Michael Jackson, loves Blue Bell Pralines and Cream ice cream, loves reading to her 2 little people in a tree house and loves having Jesus as her BFF!

She is self professed candy junkie but sugar will never match her deep desire for helping women satisfy their cravings for abundant life. She does this through life coachingspeaking, and by co-hosting With Joy Retreats.

She is a Texas girl that transplanted to the desert of Arizona over 15 years ago to escape the humidity. She has worked for 20 years in mega churches serving families and most recently ended a 10 year run as the Family Life Director at Radiant Church in Surprise, Arizona.

Her years of managing over 40 employees, walking with families through heartache and blessing, her love of living out her days in God’s truth, coupled with the Life Coach Certification process have brought her to this place of Life Coach, Teacher, and Dreamer.

You can connect with Carey through her Web-siteFacebookTwitterPinterest, or Instagram.

What is life coaching? 

Life Coaching is looking ahead at your ideal life and creating a strategy to realize that vision. The coaching process gives you a safe place to:

  • Set forth the hopes and dreams you have for all areas of your life.
  • Assess your current circumstances, paint a vision for the future and breakthrough obstacles in your life.
  • Find biblical freedom from the lies that have made themselves at home in your mind.
  • Develop a strategy that will allow you to live life to the fullest and walk with purpose.

In addition to this amazing giveaway, Carey is also offering a special 10% discount to our blog readers! Use the code: SALLY during checkout on her site to redeem this offer!

Own Your Life Work-Life Integration Consulting with David Sachsenmaierunnamed

Package: 2-Hour Work-Life Integration Consultation for couples – a $750 Value

Do you sometimes feel you are failing miserably at holding work and personal life together? Does our 200 MPH American life leave you breathless much of the time?

Over Skype, we will address the critical areas of both work and personal life and how they are interconnected.  The SynterPoint model will serve as a 360° total work-life assessment. Our model addresses the five key areas of our humanity and how they are helping or hindering our overall work-life integration. These areas are Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Relational and Emotional.

“A fully integrated work-life leads to optimal work engagement and life fulfillment."

  • David has 30 years of international experience working with US and European business executives and managers in both the corporate banking and nonprofit world.  As a former Managing Director at Bank of America, David understands the complexities and challenges that the corporate work life puts on an individual, a marriage and a family. David also has an MDiv with a concentration in counseling that gives him a great foundation in understanding the deeper issues in all areas of life.
  • David’s greatest passion is helping business and nonprofit leaders and their spouses find maximum fulfillment, integration and engagement with their total life-work journey.  He is highly trained and skilled at seeing into the lives of leaders, executives and their spouses.
  • David lives in Colorado Springs where he is the President of SynterPoint Consulting. He works with both corporate and non-profit leaders in helping them find their true “SynterPoint” of life – the place where all of life converges and integrates. David also has a local practice in Colorado Springs where he works as a consultant, counselor and spiritual director.
  • David and his wife Margaret met in college 30 years ago. They have six children from 16 to 6. They moved to Colorado Springs six years ago from southern England where David was pastoring a church.

Kat podcast

736ee2a7-0d5b-4881-a0fe-850f65b5678e My sweet friend Kat at loves inspiring moms through her blog and podcast and is passionate about helping them put their ideals into measurable action steps that change the way they manage their time and relationships. I am so excited to be giving away her e-book, Maximize Your Mornings today! It is a step by step guide to owning your life and waking up FOR your family with a plan in place and the resources to thrive and flourish in your day. Kat also loves sharing the behind the scenes stories of bloggers at her popular site How They Blog. And we are thrilled  to be giving away her Blog Planning Kit to one of you today- its full of over 25 pages of blog planning bliss and covers everything you might want to get started blogging, or to revamp and refocus the blog you already have.

Be sure to join me today at Ann Voskamp's blog, and on I am so honored to have articles about my book there.

We will be announcing the winners of the week's contents later today on the blog and social media so please check in to see what you have won! And keep entering the grandprize giveaway on my sidebar to spend a weekend with me.

Thank you so much for celebrating the release of Own Your Life with me!

 Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.23.26 PMYou can Buy Your Copy of Own Your Life Here