From my home, this morning, I am grateful for you!

IMG_2897 This morning, I have been reflecting on the many, many ways God has blessed my life. I have not deserved His abundant graces sprinkled through all of my days--when I was aware of them and when I was not.

But I must tell so many of you how very much your comments, letters, personal notes, emails have meant to me over these years. I often marvel at my own weaknesses and inability to be faithful to God at times, and so to know that my encouragement to you on this journey has been of some grace and encouragement, has deeply encouraged my heart and soul. Thank you for everyone who has taken the time to give to me words of life. Each one has been so very appreciated.

I pray for each of you today who read this, that you may truly know and believe in His love and grace for you. Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, he sees you, He is with you in the battle, he knows your heart and hears you prayers whispered only to Him. May you be aware of His lovingkindness anew and have hope for your year to come.

Today, I am truly grateful for you.