Fun Things for Friday! Or all weekend long!


Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

I love this picture! Rachael shared it with me on Mother's Day. It is me and her precious mom, Allison, as we bubbled our children away when they drove away to their honeymoon.

I have always loved bubbles. It reminded me of fun things I would stash away for the kids when it rained or they were bored or we just needed some surprise.

Here are some of my fun Friday Ideas that I used in our family.

Bubbles, of course, always made fun when we had not used them for a while.

Sidewalk chalk and give each child 5 pieces and have a mural contest.


Buy the little whirly sticks that blow in the wind. This kept Joy busy for hours when she was little.

Invite a couple of families over for a long, rousing game of capture the flag. The mamas can sit and talk and the kids will keep occupied for hours.

photos wooden eggs

I have a basket of wooden Easter eggs and I would use them all year round inside our home to hide for the kids when they needed something fun. Painting wooden eggs is also fun, and they never break. Toddlers love to roll them on the floor, and my children loved hiding them in the house until they were pretty old! Mine were from my missionary years in Poland, and I bought them for 10 cents apiece and they have lasted us all these years.

Tents under dining tables or card tables. Once we put a blanket hall way of tables and had a whole network through 2 rooms of our house. Each child had his own table and they visited each other all day long. (And of course ate snacks and lunch under the tables.)

Camping out on your own porch.  It is a lot easier than camping out for real and especially when there was a meteor shower.

Having a picnic dinner anytime outside, by the fireplace, in a bedroom, wherever we could pretend an adventure. And of course, we didn't have to make a real meal--just finger sandwiches, and fruit was enough to have fun. (they always tasted better when they were in shapes of hearts or logs or stars--I used big cookie cutters)

Going for a ride in the middle of the day with a rousing book on tape or Odyssey and ending up at the frozen yoghurt shop.

These are just a few things I would do when I needed a break.

What about you? What would you do?