Gardening your own soul

A mother's soul is the book of life a child will read. A mother cannot pass on to her children what she herself does not possess. That is why a mother must always be a student--always learning, reading, studying scripture, listening to people who are older and wiser, investing in her own soul so that children may have much to draw from.

Some great books I have read in the past few weeks:

Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry--a fine book that reflects in story form the death of family values and the culture that held them together through their common heritage and history

The Rest of God by Mark Buchannan Sabbath Rest and perspective and quiet places for our body, mind and soul are necessary to our over all well being and health

What are you doing to cultivate your soul so that you will have new thoughts, new ideas, new life to dispense to all who would draw from your soul?