God forgives, Wisdom does not


The Fool by  Stanczvk Mateiko


If a child is given an ice cream cone and starts chasing and wrestling with his brother, the likelihood is that he is going to drop his cone in the confusion or knock the scoop of ice cream off of his cone. The child acted foolishly. Can the act be forgiven? Of course. It is something that happens with children all over the world.

The act can of course be forgiven, but the consequences will still remain.

Another example. If a car is speeding down the road at 90 miles an hour in the snow, and suddenly skids out of control from hitting a patch of ice, it is likely the car will crash. The unwise, imprudent choice of driving too fast in the snow has consequences.

How often I see people shaking their fists at heaven, at God Himself, asking why they have been treated so unjustly. And yet, often, these very people find themselves in a pickle of their own making--they used credit cards too much; they married an unbeliever against the will of their parents and then had regrets; they have had conflict with a person or persons and were unwilling to extend forgiveness and leave the bitterness alone.

The voice of culture gives us permission to compromise God's standards on every side. But we know that Satan deceives and wants us to follow folly.

How important it is for us as believers to understand that choices have consequences. If someone makes an unwise decision, then probably havoc of some kind will result. One cannot expect to practice acting foolishly and not have repercussions from the bad judgment extended.

God, our merciful Father, will indeed be with us and love us and guide us through the consequences of our choices, as He longs to give us health, peace and favor. But He does not remove the lessons learned, and He teaches us by helping us to learn to make wiser choices and to learn to obey Him the next time. We must, however, learn to be humble, to repent and to ask for His wisdom, in order to benefit from His desire to bless us. A stubborn or prideful heart often refuses to acknowledge mistakes or short sightedness and goes back to folly again and again. This is what a fool is--one who acts unwisely and without discretion.

All of us are foolish at times. But the more we fill our hearts with wisdom, the more we are able to make right decisions.

It is essential, then, that we are filling our minds with Biblical wisdom and not just man's advice. Finding and modeling our lives after wise, seasoned, mature believers is a necessity if we are going to have God's perspective in our lives.

Many "Christians" espouse lots of man made values and advice that is based on tradition, but not on the wisdom of God and then find out that their emotional, spiritual and physical foundations were washed away in the storms of life--without an anchor of truth and hope to give guidance.

If you want to make wise decisions, you must adhere to the wisdom and insight of scripture. Merely saying one is a Christian or gives his tithe does not assure them of a blessed life. Wisdom is at the core of living a righteous life and seeing God's favor unfold.

Don't be caught in a life of confusion--looking for favor in a life that is unwisely lived. Choices have consequences. Seeking to become wise and humble, obediently listening to and following godly advice is the only way to find a centered life with a foundation that will not be shaken.

"The beginning of wisdom is: Acquire wisdom; And with all your acquiring, get understanding." Proverbs 4:7

Moral laws that direct to purity are given to protect our lives. Staying married. Caring for our children and building a godly heritage by investing our time in their lives require choices of obedience. Choosing love and service by modeling our lives after Christ is choosing to live wisely. We cannot compromise the truths and wisdom of God and expect to have the same consequences as if we had followed Him.

James says, "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask it of God."

God is so very patient and gracious and will restore and heal us over time. However, God is not a Santa Claus who just hands out answers to all requests just because we want something. He has made us in His image and given us the Spirit to then choose obedience, excellence of character, hard work and keeping our eyes on Him.

 We are called to be stewards of the truths and wisdom He has provided. We must embrace responsibility for our lives. Our responsibility is to listen to His voice and follow His ways if we want to see our lives grow in order, strength, beauty and soundness.

Christianity without godly character is a hollow sham.

 May we be those who collect, acquire, hold on to wisdom,  and obey His ways, that our lives may follow in the pathway of our Lord.