Going Home......New World Symphony, Vienna--theme for us now

Well, so much to tell. Bitter sweet to go home--last of my 15 year olds to get to take to Europe to tell the stories of mission days and adventures and to speak the truth of God into their hearts. Such a legacy of memories with each child and such a bonding time. Monday night, we went to the grand music hall in downtown Vienna and listened to two Mozart pieces, and a couple of others as well as The New World Symphony. Going  Home--the haunting melody that we lived in, is on my heart right now and going through my mind as Joy and I spend our last night, here in a London hotel near the airport, readying myself to go home (thourgh Van Couver because it is a free ticket!) So very blessed and will share more soon. Love to all and thanks for all the well wishes and for my wonderful friends who filled in with some of my old articles and great book  reviews and recipes while I was gone. Grace and love to all of you. Can't wait to be home and catch up.