Grace & Wisdom for the Out of the Box Child in Your Life


What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning.

Chuck Grassley

ADD, OCD, ODD, rebellious, out of control, learning issues, mental illness, depressed, and more were the various evaluations we heard over the years about Nathan, my 27 year old son.

The past two weeks he has been home and we have been busily working on our new book about our story as mother and child living in a mysterious world of all of these issues. As we have reflected on our journey from birth to young adulthood, it has brought us, once again, closer to realize all that we have been through together.

We want our webcast to be as helpful as possible. We know end of the school year is filled with activities and all are exhausted from a long winter, but we thought we would do a webcast while he is home for a couple of weeks, as he will not be here again until the fall.

Some of the things we will discuss cover teen issues, as well as educational issues, sibling problems, the comments from well-meaning others who have a perfect solution for your child--even though they do not have a clue of what your life at home is like--and how not to walk in guilt.

Hope you can join us. Tell us some of your questions below and we will try to get to some of them. Looking forward to meeting with you tonight--7 Mountain Time, live, comments from others all over the world.

You can listen and watch this later if you are not able to attend tonight, but the price will go up slightly after Tuesday night, for service and admin. Sign up HERE

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