Having a Martha Home the Mary Way! And a gift for you!

MHMW-504 Dishes, pots and pans, doggie paw prints, stacks of books and papers, used coffee and tea cups, pairs of shoes, and stuff laying everywhere are the messes in my home that create stress over and over again through all the years.

Though I love having a straight and lovely environment, I am not natural at doing routine tasks over and over again. I just wish for a full time maid to follow all of us around and make sure that things are always in order.

Sarah Mae and I love being inspired about life together, but we are twins and kindred spirits when it comes to keeping our messes at bay and having an organized home. It does not come naturally to either one of us!

That is why I am excited about her new book, Having a Martha Home in a Mary Way. This book has easy, doable assignments to help your home become more organized, straight and put together slowly over 31 days. When you follow a plan and tackle your housekeeping one task at a time, you will find you are not as overwhelmed. But the best part is this book also leads you to ways of having a satisfied soul--to also plan for yourself in the midst of caring for others.

Each of the 31 chapters has two challenges for that day, a Mary (heart) challenge and a Martha (get it done cleaning) challenge.
Join Sarah Mae's giveaways at her launch page. She is giving away 6 months of FREE house-cleaning to one winner. (Hope I win! :)) Go HERE to find out more about this giveaway.
When you buy the book this week, you can get the PDF version of her new journal, 31 Days to a Satisfied Soul for FREE. Go HERE for all the details (and other launch week gifts).
You can find the book HERE
The Journal HERE
What a great way to get into spring. I need some help to get my home back in order before Sarah comes home for her spring break! Starting tomorrow.....!

Don't miss Sarah Mae Rocking Out below. Enjoy!

And tell me what is your most hated regular task?!

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