Having a Mindset that says, "I will redeem this moment!"

snowy night I will redeemAt least 5 times in the past two weeks, we have had to cancel plans for gathering with friends, or celebrating a tradition or going on an adventure due to lots of snow, or to illness. As a mama, I often want to please everyone, but disappointments are a way of life during some seasons. Joy is only home for a short while and she will be leaving in a couple of days. All of us were looking forward to a really fun planned family time tonight. We had about 6 inches of snow in Monument, it is 8 degrees, in just a few hours, on top of the old ice and snow, and the highways have accidents, and so we had to cancel our plans--AGAIN!

I  have been reading a couple of great books that have encouraged me to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit as a way of life, moment by moment, living in His provision whatever life brings. One of the glories of a woman is to be able to light a candle in the darkness so to speak, to bring light and beauty, to redeem moments by creating beauty, an atmosphere of contentment and life to those in our sphere.


Tonight, our home was covered all about in snow.


After clearing all the Christmas stuff out, I lit about 10 candles throughout the living room, lit the fireplace, turned on my Pandora to instrumental music, and told everyone that we would have a lovely snack meal cozied up in the living room where we could watch the snow.

photo 1

We donned our coats  and took a moonlight walk in the snow. (I was roasting almonds in the oven with sea salt and tossed in melted butter--yumm! The best.

IMG_4960We stood outside and took pictures of the snowy beauty, on our front porch, and the Christmas lights at our neighbors.


and then went inside to read an amazing book on snowflakes. I cajoled Sarah, Joy and Joel to all sit by me on the couch to look at the amazing photography, just like times of old. The beauty and science behind it was amazing. And we all cozzied and loved looking at the amazing designs that cannot be explained or duplicated by men.

Then a snack meal, a rousing game of Golf, (a card game), with Clay and me and all the rest, and ending the night with warm caramel sticky toffee pudding and whip cream--another not to miss desert!

Now, I do think, we will have great memories from a the 5th night of changed plans, but this night was definitely a night to remember, and all of us enjoyed it after all.

We "own our evening"! :)

How have you redeemed your disappointments this month?


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