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We are so excited to see how many people supported Dolphin Tale and now, we are hoping to get Nathan's movie to Theatrical release. Kevin Sorbo, from God is not Dead--is the father of the prodigal son in Nathan's movie. He is helping him begin to reach the public with this message.



If you are receiving this, it means you are a mover, blogger, speaker, writer, a mom, or  mover and shaker that I feel embodies the powerful message of our new film Confessions of a Prodigal Son. Every single person can help us get one place closer to reaching the secular media's attention. Please share this with your friends.
This is a little note from Nathan!
Many of you have followed and supported me in this journey to bring this film to life since it was only and idea.
Now with your support and God's grace, we have a real movie on it's way with real movie stars, like Kevin Sorbo (God's Not Dead, Soul Surfer, etc...).
So I thank you for helping me on this journey!
BUT now I need YOUR help again!
This Friday (13th) we are releasing the first official teaser trailer- and we need YOUR help! If you would be able and willing, it would mean to world if you would post, shout, point to, and share the trailer in any outlet available to you Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, Instagram, EVEN Myspace (if you have one).
We want to bring exposure to our film, and see if we can begin to spread it's name to as many eyes and ears as possible now, helping it reach even more people than we ever imagined when we actually release the film. Doing this will insure that we can partner with a REAL distributor who will put our movie on REAL DVD's, Theaters, Digital Download and more!
I believe with my whole heart in the message of this film- one of redemption, forgiveness, and unconditional love. A message we ALL need to hear. So with your help I know that this film will touch many, and maybe even call a few prodigals home.
IF you are a social media person share this link to the trailer! (at the bottom)
AND if you are interested in doing a blog-post, or website article, I've had a small post written up (at the bottom), should you want to use it!
Thank you again for all your help, support, and prayers.
Looking forward,
-Nathan Clarkson
Nathan Clarkson moved to New York for acting school when he was 19 with a burning desire to bring light to a dark world, and a passion for telling truly great stories. Now at 25 years old living in Los Angeles, Nathan looks back on what led him where he is now, in the midst of finishing his first feature film where he stars (also wrote and helped produce) alongside Kevin Sorbo (God's Not Dead, Soul Surfer, etc...) called Confessions of a Prodigal Son - a modern retelling of the prodigal son story from the bible -.
"I can remember coming to LA- poor, passionate, and ready to live my dreams, but what I soon found out was this dream was hard, and didn't come as easy as I thought. I began to look around me and see others, who like me, came here to Hollywood looking for something, but ultimately found disappointment and heartache in not being able to satisfy the hunger in their souls whether they achieved "success" or not.
I began to notice how lost and hurt so many around me were, and I began to realize that the city that promised, to so many, the fulfillment of dreams and desires- Was in reality a concentrated gathering of the broken and hurting looking for "more". I realized that instead of living in The City of Angeles, I was living in a City of Prodigals. I had my own long nights, weeks, months, years, when I thought giving up on following god would be easier and maybe it would've been.
But as I continued, even through the hardest times to try my best to follow Jesus, I began to find that the dream I had come here to find was slowly being replaced with a bigger and better dream than I ever could have imagined. Until, one morning I woke up, and felt a tug from God on my heart, to get up and write. I didn't know what to write, so I asked him, and like a light coming on above my mind, I realized it had to be the prodigal son story, because Jesus has an interest in bringing the prodigals home.
So I sat down and took the story Jesus told from the bible and mixed in with my experience in a modern world and long story short, we will soon have Confessions of a Prodigal Son. A story I hope will touch many, and maybe just maybe, call a few prodigals home."
Nathan began his journey into making this film, two years ago, raised all the money himself, through places like Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, and the support of people believing in the message of the story of the Prodigal Son. As word started making it's way around about the film, more and more people started to become interested and join in the cause, until eventually Nathan had a full crew of talented filmmakers and a cast that included some beloved and well-known actors. Nathan also was able to play opposite his then beautiful Fiancee who in the midst of everything became his wife earlier this year.
Kevin Sorbo is the father, welcoming His prodigal home. Nathan is the prodigal looking for meaning in his life.
Today is the OFFICIAL release of the first teaser trailer with actual footage from the film! If you believe in the dream that God placed on Nathan's heart to love, redeem, and call the prodigals home- the watch, be inspired and share with others.
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