Here, There and Everywhere..............

Joy is leaving for college in another state at 17? Really?

Aren't you worried about her being in the world too early?

Have you really considered the ramifications of this choice?

Today, I am writing at and my topic is Lighting a Fire of Vision in our Children verses having a life that Keeps all the Rules

Setting our children free to be adults and to own their lives has served us well through our older three, so far, and we can't wait to see how the Lord is going to work through Joy's life. She is one of the most passionate, visionary, loving and serving young adults I know and we are sending her out with great hope and blessing. Read more here.


Today, I am also writing about that hated word--patience 

And believe me, whether training and loving Joy, or bearing with the ups and downs of my other children, or living in marriage, dealing with finances, all the stresses of life, and then knowing I am sinful and limited--

All of these are only born with patience and waiting on God's Faithfulness--as He is the reason we can be patient with hope!

So this is the other article I wrote for today!

I am not a patient person. I am a fast person. I like to get things done. I like life to be easy. Seems to me God should have done things a lot quicker in my life than he has. Patience is a word I avoid and do not ever pray for in my life.

Often I write articles that are spiritually deep to some, but I can feel guilty for writing them because I think it could give the wrong impression that I am spiritually strong and don't struggle. But to be honest, I struggle all the time and it is in searching for something--anything that can give me direction or hope-- from which the content of my articles develop.

Writing on patience is not because I am patient but because I have seen how very much I have needed it and how much my life, with God directing it, has required it. 

Patience is a part of faith and shows a grace of God's hand and magnitude in our lives--and most of life as a mom requires patience.

Accomplishing a lifetime of patience is a glory and grace through the life of one who is secure in God.

Read the rest of this article here

I love hearing your thoughts and comments and pray that somehow I may pass on to you each day a little flavor of His wonderful grace and love. It is because of Him that our lives are restored and that our seasons of life are filled with adequacy every day, in spite of our limitations. He is amazing and He is faithful. May you know His love today.

Be blessed in grace! Sending my love to you all today! Sally


PS In answer to your emails and questions, Joy will be at Biola University in California. Through a providential provision and miracle of God, her education will be paid for, so she is excited. She loves teaching the Bible to girls, so some kind of ministry major and or she is driven to communicate and taking speaking by storm, so communications is a likely area, but she loves music and songwriting, too. So, time will tell. Does it surprise anyone that one more Clarkson child is more interested in the arts and communications side of life? We all tend to leave the legacy of our family culture.