Hollywood is paying attention--Congratulations! Amazing!

Sweet friends, I am so grateful to be a part of families who are willing to show up, to go to lengths, to pay for the ability to send a message. I have been getting messages all last night about how shocked executives are at the results of the first day! I want to you so see a part of one of the letters I received:

Wow! Just received this gracious note from Alcon Entertainment (producers of Dolphin Tale and Blind Side) and just had to share it with you! Our voice, desires, impact, and influence is genuinely appreciated. Homeschoolers want Hollywood and production companies to know that if they make quality films like Dolphin Tale , we will show up in big groups on opening day when everyone else is in school or at work!  We pulled it off and it worked!

I want to extend a personal thanks to HSLDA, Classical Conversations, Clay and Sally Clarkson, Sherri Seligson and ALL the amazing field trip coordinators and other fabulous bloggers who got the word out and pulled their groups together!  Thank you to every homeschooler who participated!!

Here is the Alcon 'thank you' letter to all of YOU!!!

as well as:

And so there you have it! Because of you, at least for now, we have the eyes and ears of Hollywood. They are astounded at the fact that an innocent family, child oriented movie could actually tie for first at the box office.

I know all of you fight battles in so many arenas for light to come, but since so many of youth's values are shaped by the stories they see on screen, I want to thank you for attending. Having your children know that they were also a part of a group that supported something also goes deep into their souls to help them understand the value of a community of believers making a difference. May God bless each of you today and may you be strong in fighting the battles of faith--your labor of love and endurance is absolutely not in vain.

Grace, peace and love to you all!