Homeschooling is a matter of the heart--not the curriculum!


"Greater love has no mom than this, that she lay down her life for her child."

All homeschooling mamas have moments of insecurity:

Can I really do this? Am I adequate? Will I cover all the bases and fill in all the holes? Will I pick the right curriculum? Am I doing enough? These are normal questions as educating our children at home are important issues.

Yet, a truly educated person, one who can think and reason, who loves to learn, who is engaged in ideas, books and has a love for learning is not that way because of a perfect educational experience. Motivation and a love from learning all start in the heart-the place where dreams are made, inspiration is given, an affection grows between the child and teacher. Understanding how to motivate the heart must be the goal for the mom who wants to truly influence her child.

Touching the Heart with home schoolingfrom the CD The Whole Hearted Child workshop

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How can you use story and books to reach your child's heart to want to learn?

What motivates or interests your child?

How can you be encouraging to your child in the areas where they struggle? How can you make learning more fun and interesting to your children?

Do your children feel as though you find it a privilege to homeschool them because you are enjoying it? If you are happy teaching them, they will be more likely to want to learn what you have to teach.

Educational influence is a matter of the heart connection and perceived integrity of the person who is extending the opportunity to love learning and to enjoy being challenged.