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Without your generous help and encouragement, we would never have made it to the top 100 list on Amazon and Barnes and Noble--and now already into the second printing. We are so excited to be a part of a movement of wonderful moms all over the world who are building community and support in gaining strength and hope as moms. So exciting and you are such a wonderful part of this. Thanks a gazillion!

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I get a giggle out of this little saying, because it is so true ... "Mothers of little boys work from son up to son down."

It certainly works that way for mothers of little girls, too--and the sun being down doesn't seem to have much effect sometimes, as breaks in my sleep from asthma, ear infections, bad dreams, etc. can disturb even that!

The pressures of being a mom aren't small, and they don't only come when you are ready for them. Since we know they're coming, the trick is getting ready for them in advance! Today, I wanted to share a few things that have helped me over the years to not explode under the pressures of being a mom!

  1. A bit of variety. Though it seems there's little chance of it happening now, when my children were young I found that if life got too stale, I would go under. So I made it a priority to create adventure for me and for my children! We would take a trip to the park or the zoo, meet with friends for a picnic, or get in the car and drive just to shake things up a bit.
  2. A bit of quiet for me. If I am around people all the time for days and months at a time, I will indeed explode! Clay and I figured out that I could go to a coffee shop early a couple of days a week at 6 a.m. and have coffee and a quiet time and write in my journal and then come home by 7:45 a.m.--before he left for work--and I felt like a different person. I can't live without my quiet time, to think and plan and get perspective. (or my quiche and coffee!)
  3. A bit of quiet for them ... okay, all of us. Each season was different. I had each child have a quiet hour every afternoon in the early years--I would put books and fun magazines in a basket for them and let them have a cup of something to drink--like hot cocoa, white grape juice, tea,--and then they would all have to stay in their own areas for an hour. It helped my kids to become readers and to learn to enjoy time alone, un-entertained. But it also gave me time to look forward to every day, where I could have my own cup of tea that no one else could drink and a little time to regroup or rest or make a phone call. I trained them early and gave great rewards for being able to stay in their rooms--it happened little by little but oh the rewards!

Of course, these ideas are not meant to become standards for you--you might want something different or have a whole different set of preferences to work with!

Have you picked up your copy of Desperate yet? SarahMae and I wrote this book to encourage moms to find their strength in God, to listen to their soul's cry, to understand the wonderful importance of their calling as moms and to rest in God's grace with their children each day. We're so excited about the wonderful feedback we're getting on the book and pray it will be an encouragement to thousands of moms.

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