I am woman, hear me roar, kinda.....Joy and I reminiscing


The Capacity of a Woman is endless--and I do think women are pretty amazing in most ways.

So, Joy goes out to start the car in order to drive to her college class. The battery is dead.

The "ding-ding" bell on the car my children drive, went awry. This means that usually the ding-ding goes off when they turn off the car and leave the lights on as a warning to turn the lights off, so the battery won't die.

But, this is the 4th time in 6 weeks one of my children drove this car and left the lights on too long and the battery died. It is always blamed on the "ding-ding" thing-a-jig.

This is not a popular subject with my husband, who would like to just say to the kids, "Just turn out the lights, as a habit, when you get out of the car. It's pretty simple."

Now, the rest of the story......

"Mom, what do I do? Do you know how to charge a dead battery?"

"Let's not call Daddy, again,  and see if we can do it. He's at the office and I hate to  bother him."

Out comes my computer and we look up "charging a dead battery" on youtube.

Brought the computer out to the garage, and we both gingerly took different sides of the cables, as we have no idea what we are doing, and hoping we do not somehow get an electrical jolt or burn up the car, which is what one of the guys Joy asked for advice, told her.

Turned on the video and followed directions and voila-the battery started and we felt empowered by our genius.

So, what has your life required of you lately, and what have you conquered that you never thought you could do?