I miss my best friends

Nathan, who prayed for "one more baby, mom", playing with that baby

We cultivate beauty in our homes, we make sweet memories, we cook and celebrate birthdays and develop night-time rituals, cuddle up in beds and shared hearts, read a gazillion books huddled up on the couch, share favorite moves, wash a zillion dishes to wild music, cry together, live life together in close, deep friendship, so that wherever our children go into the world, they might have a treasure chest full of love, truth, beauty and life.

The only problem is, and Clay and I did not fully understand,  that it knits our hearts inextricably together,  through an invisible soul thread to their hearts, so that when they are off pursuing the adventure God has prepared for them, it leaves a big hole that no one else can fill, because our best friends are far away.

I am blessed beyond measure with sweet friends all over the world, but in the shaping of my children, I was building my very own best friends and I miss them. I am "being busy" and carrying off a good front, I think. But I cannot wait until we are us again, the Clarksons. This is my gang, this is where I most belong--wherever my best friends are.

When I was in Pennsylvania, Joy wrote on her facebook a message that said, "I miss my peeps, and I wish you would all come home." And Sarah said, "me, too, can't wait till we are together again." And Joel responded the same and it did my mother heart good to see my children, unprompted, longing for the same thing that is in my own heart. We all belong together.