I wish you well

The one who has painted this sky, and has chosen these colors to delight my soul, has invited me away, to retreat with Him and to just be with my inner circle friends and family for some time away from the crowds.

I will not be here for a while, as I hope to spend these days refreshing, celebrating life with my sweet ones and cherishing last memories made, and filling my soul for the days ahead when I will be speaking into the precious lives of others. I am but an ordinary mama who wants to live in peace during these beautiful, cool crisp last days of summer, and celebrate my life with Him and my sweet children and Clay, my best treasures.

So, peace of the Lord be with you and yours. I will see you again when I decide I am ready to come back. Meanwhile, there will be some little blogs prepared from my heart and books, here and there. But I wish you well and pray you wish the same for me.


Enjoy one of Joel's, (my composer son!), new musical pieces he just scored for an upcoming film!