I'd rather be a risk taker.......

I'd rather be a risk taker and live by faith and believe that He is here and listening, Than to let fear of what might happen,

or fear of failure,

or fear of what people might think,

squeeze the life and childlikeness of my believing and hoping out of me, and cause me to do nothing at all.

I do not want to be the one who hid what I had in the ground and find a frown on His face because I was afraid to do anything.

I can always ask for forgiveness if I am wrong

or admit that I am falible,

but how few years I have on this earth to say,

"I believe in you even though I cannot see. I trust you even though I don't understand. I am your girl. I will bring your light into dark places. I know you are here with me and I know that even though I am weak, you are always with me and you will always redeem."

I would rather be a risk taker........