If only I didn't have any children.......

I could get so much more done--I could spend hours upon hours writing books and articles and blogs about how to raise great children. :) Consequently, I may never actually get to writing all the answers to the questions all of you posted, because you see, the lives of my children keep me so busy.

In the past 24 hours, I took Joy to work and picked her up twice (4 trips--can't wait till the license is finalized in 3 weeks!)

Spent 2 1/2 hours grocery shopping and gathering food and then an hour and half putting it all away as there was some straightening that needed to be done! (cleaning out the fridge and freezer)

Throwing old flowers away and cutting, arranging and putting new flowers all around my house to celebrate the kids being home, making it beautiful and to honor  Joy  and Joel graduating.

Had lunch with Joel who just came home, to rehash all that is happening and has happened.

Driving Joy to her auditions for a new play.

Made 5  different meals (two breakfasts for those who got up at different times!) one by candlelight for everyone!

Unpacked my bags

Wrote a recommendation for a Christian camp and request for a scholarship another child is seeking, filling out forms for classes in the University for the fall for Joy as she begins in a couple of months.

Gave a half-hour phone interview recommendation for a job for one of my children

Addressed graduation announcements with 2 different children;

Spent three different half hours talking in the bedrooms of my children who needed counsel and "Mom alone" time

Spent 2 different times with Clay  morning and evening, planning ministry stuff and talking about our children (an hour apiece)

Attended a graduation practice for 2 1/2 hours for our homeschool group (40 kids).........

not to mention emails, phone calls, graduation gifts to buy, ministry correspondence............

and that is just since yesterday at 4:00.

As I said, I could get a whole lot done if I just didn't have children and a family to care for--but then I would have nothing to write about if I did have time.  And I would be oh so very lonely and bored.

Off to make myself a cup of tea. Make dinner, ............. Grace to you today.