IF you give me a mere 45 minutes alone, I get inspired!

"Above all, guard your heart, for from it flow the springs of life!" Proverbs

One of the reasons I am pulling back from the blog and otherwise most of my social media is because I just cannot give up the time with my family, talks with the kids, meals, my local discipleship group and my dear inner circle friends and then keeping my life together with healthy, home-cooked meals, walking for my health, reading at least a tiny bit for my brain and then there is a whole tangle and whirlwind of ministry responsibilities.

But last week, I had 45 minutes to breathe--to myself--that had no other commitment on it--and low and behold, the inspired juices started to flow again. The Lord began to fill my heart with all sorts of inspiration, ideas, faith, beauty, .....!!!!!!

It reminded me that I have not lost myself--the Lord and me are still there--but I have to provide time, sabbath rest time, to be able to have the God-energy--given by Him, vision spoken quietly and bubbling over into my heart--in order to thrive.

No matter what, heart integrity is so important to fight for--because that is what the life flows out of and the messages of our mouths come from what is within.

So, I am excited about messages ahead and life ahead--but I am finding them in my solitude, one 45 minutes at a time. And I am committed to stay in the circle of His heart and His voice and His will and I know that with Him, I always come out inspired and at peace.

Have a great weekend! and be blessed!