I'm Off on an Adventure

"Serve the Lord with gladness."

I am off to another adventure in a few minutes and just wanted to tell all of you who have wished me well and are praying for me--that you are a great blessing. I am so encouraged by your comments, too, as it lets me know there are friends in cyberspace.
Last night, Joy went to our church's dress rehearsal for our Easter production. She came home with a heart filled with praise. "Mom, Jesus gave everything and put up with so much suffering so that we could have forgiveness and love. If He was so sacrificial, then I need to see all of my sacrifices in light of His life. So, I want to go on this trip with a heart ready to serve and sacrifice."
This couldn't have come at a better time. I love it when God uses others and other venues to tell my children what I want them to know.
Since I became a believer many years ago, one of my greatest Joy's has been to tell others about Him--so show them the same wonderful love and grace I had received and was so very grateful for. Our love of reaching out to people was what brought Clay and I together. It has been a call on our family. And so, I am so excited to be on the missionary trail again--part of the history of my heart and hoping these experiences will open my children's hearts to Him and His calling. 
So, it is with anticipation and excitement that we go to a new country for us--and even though we will be in lots of different beds and 10 airplanes and meet lots of people, we will be the most blessed because of the wonderful ways we will get to share about His great design for family with those who have never heard. We so appreciate your prayers for us the next 3 weeks. If we can, we will try to post pictures and a little commentary. May the Lord bless each of you the next few weeks and may He sow peace, comfort, inspiration, righteousness, and love in your homes through you this day and may you be glad in your ministry for eternity right where you are. I so appreciate my sweet friends out there in cyberspace. You have been a real encouragement to me.
Grace and Peace.